Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Life is busy.

Boy, it's been about, what two months since I have posted?! Holy cow.

Lily now lives in paradise...outside 24/7, with two other mares and unlimited grass...and acres of fields to run in, plus a lake in our backyard to swim in :) Her mama is happy, as it is economical, and has her best friend to ride with! We still have to build a round pen /riding ring...but we are getting there :) We have been on a strict no-jumping policy (and boy do I HATE it) It's not that I mind dressage- in fact I love it...but I love jumping more, and I miss it like crazy, so I plan on taking a jumping lesson sometime next week perhaps...
our new home :)

-Just was interrupted in typing by my buddy the UPS guy delivering my second pair of much loved Smartpak Piper breeches----eeek! If it wasn't raining...I would ride in them.

lovin' my girl <3
Enjoying our summer together, it's great to be back and love riding all the time, seeing my beautiful girl!!

Additionally, we signed up for three months of A Horse Box- exciting :) I'll try and post reviews (when I can!)

XOXO, Lily and DJC

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Sunday Night Spotlight: Ogilvy Halfpad

Welcome to Sunday Night Spotlight!! (Each Sunday I will write a quick review on my favorite equine products, tack & apparel!
Complete with embroidery! 
The Ogilvy Memory Foam Halfpad!

When I got my newer saddle, the Crosby Equilibrium (LOVE it), it didn't quite fit Lily's back perfectly. Since then I have had to use a halfpad to help the saddle to fit to her back. The Ogilvy Memory Foam Halfpad perfectly contours to Lily's back and absorbs shock. Plus they are sexy as hell- and totally custom! Teehee ;-) I have even tacked her up to work on the lungeline or long-line and have used the Ogilvy. Sometimes when I hop on "bareback" I stick it under my bum for some crazy cushion! 
We are soooooo matchy-matchy!

"A half pad unequalled in comparison, it combines the V-top shape and anti-friction materials with removable MemoryFoam pads. The MemoryFoam acts as a buffer that fills any voids between the saddle and the horse, stabilizes the saddle, and provides shock-absorption for the backs of both horse and rider. This half pad will have your saddle fitting perfectly on every horse, even with custom made saddles"

Go customize your own!! 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

A Perfect Day.

If I could live a perfectly average day of my adulthood (say a Saturday)... It would be something like this:

Wake up early. (Sometime before six)

Have a wondrous cup of coffee whilst listening to the birds & watching the sun rise. (peace.)

Give all my ponies good morning kisses and listen to their happy nickers. Then feed them, do stalls, & turn them out to graze in the dewy pastures.

Collect eggs from my chickys <3

Make a scrumptious breakfast for my family.

Not do ANY boring domestic chores.

Write a little blog blurb.

Ride. Gallop. Jump. Mess around, the whole afternoon.

Go swimming in the ocean, lake, river, whatever, (preferably with horses)

Cook a lovely candlelit dinner.

Eat chocolate cake. And vanilla bean gelato.

Go out for a sunset trail ride with my husband.

Make a batch of soap. Or lip balms.

Read some chapters of a good book with a purring cat.

Kiss my ponies goodnight.

Snuggle time/playtime...with husband. ;-)

More purring cats.

Fall asleep by a roaring fire (in the winter) or a breezy starlit summer's eve...

Now isn't that just perfect. Sigh <3


Tent Sale Tack Haul!

It's been another year...another tent sale ;)

This year, because I have a new dressage saddle that needs fastenings, I focused on a girth and leathers.
I also needed white breeches, and picked up a fun belt!

1) FITS PerforMAX White Show Breeches $289.99  for $100.

2) Da Vinci Black Dressage Leathers $92.50 for $50

3) Black Fleece Dressage girth (original price unknown) $10.

4) Dressage white pad for $30

4) Wormers & Probiotics Tube for Lily's tummy!

5) C-4 Red Belt! $32 ( for $25)

Hooray for Tent Sales! Overall I saved a very good amount! Pleased pony, pleased rider! 

Friday, May 8, 2015

One SLOOOOOOW Weekend, but lots to do!

It's a slow weekend. All I wanna do is ride! )-:

Gotta pack up, finish studying (two exams down, one to go!), and get everything together!

Lily's all ready for me to get back, and get ready for training!
Today I ordered Lily's SmartPaks, a custom dressage pad (hey I have only one real dressage pad...and it's for show!) and did some dressage research...

Here are some patterns for me to try out...in my new dressage saddle ;-)

My most recent dressage lesson was on this pretty thing:

Pretty Ida <3
I've had some really great times with this Oldenburg mare. She's pretty cool- and a good teacher!

Over my 7 weeks at Fairfield Farm, my seat, leg and softness has HUGELY improved. I accomplished my goals, and learned some new stuff- plus we had tons of fun!


Lily and I have a dressage lesson with Jenny Wells in June, and hope to continue to improve!!!
I'll be home to ride on Monday- and looking forward to it! :-)


Friday, May 1, 2015

Moving Forward

Well, in one week I will have finished my time here at Roger Williams University. I am very excited to be transferring back home to Plymouth State to continue a) elementary education and b) RIDING LILY!

Lily will be moving back to a boarding stable where I can continue to train to event, go on trail rides, ride with friends, and have the indoor back!

We are planning on competing in a variety of events this summer: Eventing, jumper shows, jumper team competitions, and some dressage shows. I may also take her to a fun show at the end of the year and do a barrel race ;)

Anyway, I am beyond happy to be able to see my beautiful girl everyday, and to share our time together in the beautiful NH.

And. Only a week left.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Last Owls Approve Blog Hop! #18!!!

Eighteen on the Eighteenth.
In honor of Archie's 18th birthday, tell me 18 things you love about your horse.

1. I love your tiny little snip on your perfect (,and sadly/strangely un-soft) muzzle

2. I love your enthusiasm in every single ride. And how much you truly try for me.

3. I love how you were my dream horse since I was a young girl &  that I knew you since you were only 6 months old...

4. I love your too-thick mane and your Shetland pony fuzziness in the wintertime.

5. I love how you take care of children- you always know to be on your best behavior around them. I trust you deeply for that.

6. I love how freakin' AWESOME you look in RED.

Or pink.

7. I love your raw & amazing beauty. 

8. I love your talent- you are such a lovely jumper!

9. I love your snarky marish attitude.

10. I love your sweet little kisses.

11. I love your gallop.

12. I love your kind heart. (even though you don't always show it) 

13. I love your tolerance with me & my photoshoots & bonnets & outfits... ;)

14. I love your desire- I know it's intentional- to make me laugh and just roll my eyes at you and your one-of-a-kind-ness...
15. I love that stupid hock and all your dumb injuries because, well you were doing what you do best- "investigating" 

16. I love your hatred for stalls, standing still & miniature horses. 

17. I love your "it's hailing and tornadoes and here I am rolling in the snow" kind of attitude. 

18. Finally, I love you and all that you are, my perfect Stargazer Lily. <3