Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Life is busy.

Boy, it's been about, what two months since I have posted?! Holy cow.

Lily now lives in paradise...outside 24/7, with two other mares and unlimited grass...and acres of fields to run in, plus a lake in our backyard to swim in :) Her mama is happy, as it is economical, and has her best friend to ride with! We still have to build a round pen /riding ring...but we are getting there :) We have been on a strict no-jumping policy (and boy do I HATE it) It's not that I mind dressage- in fact I love it...but I love jumping more, and I miss it like crazy, so I plan on taking a jumping lesson sometime next week perhaps...
our new home :)

-Just was interrupted in typing by my buddy the UPS guy delivering my second pair of much loved Smartpak Piper breeches----eeek! If it wasn't raining...I would ride in them.

lovin' my girl <3
Enjoying our summer together, it's great to be back and love riding all the time, seeing my beautiful girl!!

Additionally, we signed up for three months of A Horse Box- exciting :) I'll try and post reviews (when I can!)

XOXO, Lily and DJC

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